Canned Bacon: Tasty Treat for Today, Tomorrow, and the Day After Tomorrow

Bacon in a can? Can do! A Japanese food company brings us cooked, thick-cut bacon in convenient, sardine-style cans. Choose from Plain or Honey-Mustard, and buy 'em by the case for your apocalypse shelter and/or zombie fortress.

There's nothing more portable, preservable and practical than the tried & tested sardine can. Just ask any survivalist – there's even a Survival Kit on the market that comes packaged in a sardine can. What if you hate sardines? Even if you don't, surviving WW3 won't seem all that great weeks later after dozens of meals of lukewarm, oily, stinky fish, amiright?

What if those cans were filled with bacon, though, and not just any bacon: a dozen or so chunks of diced, thick-cut, cured bacon swimming in either a peppery sweet sauce or even better, a salty-sweet Honey Mustard sauce? Make that apocalypse NOW, baby!!

This so-called “Bacon for the Ages” is one of many canned products produced by Kokubu & Co. Ltd. of Tokyo... yes, they also list canned sardines in their product line-up as well as other unexpected canned comestibles including grilled chicken and grilled beef tongue.

But we digress – let's get back to the bacon and stay there! Each can contains 105 grams (3.75 oz) of which 65 grams (2.32 oz) is “solid”. Not a whole lot, really, even at a mere 380 yen (about $4.80) per can. The diced chunks of bacon are obviously a lot smaller than they appear in these images – one more reason to buy a case or even a truckload.

Just wait 'til you crack open a cold one sometime in, say, the nuclear winter of 2025 and the zombies get a whiff of that cloying smoky essence. It's enough to change their tune from BRAAAAINS!! to BAAAAACON!! (via Gigazine)