Canned Breads from Tamiya Offer a Collectible Slice of Army Life

Japanese model-maker has a glowing reputation with hobbyists worldwide for their scrupulously accurate plastic models and remote control hobbyist vehicles. To the surprise and bemusement of many, Tamiya has delighted visitors to the Shizuoka Hobby Show with a new line of “Long-lasting and tasty” canned breads!

The canned breads are packed into a utilitarian, un-tinted cardboard box prominently stamped with Tamiya's famous twin-star logo. Inside are three cans of bread boasting beautifully illustrated labels, each featuring a photo of the neatly sliced contents and an image of a Japanese army vehicle.

It would seem that Tamiya has designed these canned breads after the actual rations provided to the Japanese SDF (Self-Defence Forces) during their now-ended mission to Iraq.

The canned breads are recommended for “emergency supplies or outdoor activities,” and are made with no artificial colors or preservatives. You don't even need a can-opener since the cans are made with convenient pull-tab lids.

Tamiya has priced this curious set of three flavored canned breads at 1,323 yen or around $16.45 for the set. Though reviewers who tried the breads generally stated they tasted good, if a bit sweet, it's likely the set will find favor with collectors who will resist the munchies and keep the cans in their original packaging. (via Gigazine)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the U.S., B&M has a great assortment of Canned Breads that are surprisingly tasty.

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