Can't Afford an Audi R8? How About A $15,000 Foosball Table

Ever wonder why luxury automakers don't make foosball tables? Probably never, but I'll tell you anyway: because when they do, they charge exorbitant amounts of money for them. We've seen a number of overpriced soccer products, and this one brings that mentality to table soccer. 

Designed by Audi, this foosball table costs a ridiculous €12,900 (that's about $15,400 for American folks). And it's still a foosball table--no gems, no platinum, no computer chips or solar panels--just a bunch of little guys that spin around on poles. Audi says that it offers the highest quality build, what with aluminum, high-strength plastic and wooden pieces, but I still have trouble fathoming how they can charge $15K for a friggin' foosball table. Sure, according to the company's press release, it took a team of 10 a year to design the prototypes, but that's their fault--no reason to pass that cost onto us. 

Ironically enough, Audi started its press release off with these same sentiments: "A football is always a football! You can kick an old one around just as easily as a modern one. The same applies to the good old table soccer game. A strong wooden frame, 22 players and of course the traditional green pitch – what more could you need for excitement and fun?" You're correct! A foosball table is a foosball table, whether you pay $15,000 or $400 for it. 

For those that like fancy, limited edition nonsense, these tables will be available in an initial batch of just 20. I can't imagine there will be huge demand for a second batch, but stranger things have happened. 

Via: WorldCarFans