Can't Fasten Your Bra? Try The Magnetic CoreBra

A British adaptive clothing designer has created a front-fastening bra that doesn't require too much dexterity to close: it uses magnetic hooks and loops.

Adaptawear, with the assistance of Coventry University's Health Design and Technology Institute, has created the CoreBra as its latest product in its line of adaptive clothing for senior and disabled men and women.

Designed by Adaptawear's director, Kavita Chauhan, CoreBra is not your typical sagging "old lady's bra." It's a fitted bra that gives a woman a shapely silhouette without her having to twist her arms around her back to fasten it up. Many women, besides elderly women, can use such a bra, especially those who have occupational injuries from repetitive movement and restricted hand or arm positions.

The University was able to help Chauhan in the testing of the CoreBra, trialing the bra and getting feedback from the wearers. This information helped to re-design the original prototype and establish a range of appropriate sizes.

The front-closure magnetic CoreBra comes in eight sizes and is made of a soft, expandable cotton that conforms to your shape. The racer back straps are intended to reduce shoulder strain and provide extra support. For more information or to order the CoreBra, visit Adaptaware.

Adaptaware, via Health News, The American School of Professional Psychology;

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Jan 7, 2009
by Katie Gatto

Hold Up

Yeah, but how well does it hold up if you had bigger breasts? What might work for an A cup, does not always work for a D.

Jan 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Adaptawear Corebra

Actually i read the study and all the participants were a F cup or larger!!! and they all agreed that they would rather wear this bra over an ordinary bra! i reckon there must be more to it then meets the eye!
But as an Occupational therapist myself, i reckon that a lot of my clients would be glad to be able to even get a bra on in the first place!