Can't Find Your Dog? The GEODOG® Collar Sends Maps & Text Messages To Your Smart Phone

German designers have created the ultimate gadget for your dog: a GPS system for your dog in the form of a collar that sends you a map of your dog's location or an SMS message on your smart phone.  Of course, the collar has a SIM card; your dog needs a phone book!






The GEODOG is a sleek looking collar, you must admit.  Unlike other dog collars, it is ergonomically designed for a dog's neck, so it's comfortable to wear (at least it looks that way!). 




The GEODOG Collar has a Dual-Band Wavecom processor and a SiRF-Star III/LP GPS system.  It operates on a lithium-polymer battery that, in stand-by/eco-mode, can last up to 300 hours without charging.  GEODOG comes with a charger, accessible from the collar's USB port.

If your Labrador winds up in your neighbor's swimming pool, you don't have to worry, because the GEODOG Collar is water-proof (up to 30 minutes)... and it's shock-proof as well.

The GEODOG Collar operates with Microsoft software.  Oh, and the cost is about $250, including GEODOG Mobil Software that includes...

  • Automated position enquiry and SMS readout of GEODOG® collars
  • Indication of distance and direction to your dog
  • Indication of your position and your dogs’ positions on a map (topographical maps for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy; Open Street Maps - worldwide)
  • Direct navigation to your dog (linear distance).
  • On-road navigation including forest roads and tracks based on topographical maps for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy; Open Street Maps - worldwide).

You can also purchase software that covers multiple dogs. For more information, visit GEODOG.

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