Makes Your Optical Productivity Go Up, Actual Productivity Not So Much

When you spend hours and hours staring at a computer screen, going over Excel spreadsheets, the temptation to waste time is great.  But how do you waste a little time without looking like you're slacking off? offers a solution for gamers who want to still look like they're getting stuff done, even if it's actually just a high score.

The site features  three ingenious games that load up looking almost exactly like Microsoft Office programs. There's "Cost Cutter", a bar graph puzzle game, "Break Down", which is basically a rehash of "Breakout" played with text and your scroll bar, and "Leadership", which has you navigating a spaceship between the lines of a bar graph.

Cost CutterCost Cutter

My favorite was definitely "Leadership", but the other two are fantastic, as well.  The games really do have the appearance of being some kind of actual work.  You can even input the name of your company so that the window that opens will look like it's work-related.


We here at InventorSpot don't want to encourage bad behavior at work, but if you're going to play some games and don't want to lose your credibility on the job, you might as well give a try.  Go get "productive" and let us know what your high score was in the comments below.