Canvas App Releases For Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor was pretty awesome in its own right, with its ability for 3D scanning and augmented reality for mobile devices, but with the release of Canvas for iOS, real world uses for the product are really starting to be realized. Canvas lets you use the power of the Structure Sensor to make accurate 3D models of your home in minutes.

The powerful Structure Sensor can make 3D scans and models of almost anything, but Canvas focuses on designer and home use. The company behind the Structure, Occipital, is also releasing a camera lens that can attach directly to the unit to turn your iPad camera into a 120 degree wide view lens for use with the Structure Sensor and Canvas.

The process all around is ridiculously simple, with or without the new lens. Simply attach your Structure Sensor to your iPad, attach the camera lens, fire up the Canvas app, and scan the room you're looking to make a model of. Thousands of calculations will be made per second to give you an accurate representation of the room you're scanning and combines all of this into an easy to look at 3d model of your space.


There's also a measuring option within the app that lets you quickly get accurate measurements within your newly modeled 3D space. No longer will designersneed to spend large amounts of time measuring and keep up with 100s of different measurements. If you're looking to make changes to your 3D models, however, you'll need to export your model to other professional editing programs. 

Canvas has you covered there, too. The app allows you to export your 3D model into an editable CAD file that gives designers and builders full reign over the design of your space. The process takes around two business days to get back, but you'll get back a well thought out out CAD file, with layers and classifications already included. There is a cost associated with the CAD file conversion, but it's a small cost considering how helpful it will be in professional jobs.

If you're a designer or builder looking to take your business to the next level, the Structure Sensor and Canvas app will be worth your time and investment. The time you'll save mapping and measuring rooms will be cut down tremendously and you'll be able to give your clients a quicker turnaround time, meaning happier clients.