Caped Cruise-saders: The Top Ten Low-Budget DIY Batmobiles

Has the Dark Knight fallen on hard times? Did Bruce Wayne raise the rent on the Batcave, forcing his alter-ego to rent a roll-up garage in Philly? Times may be tough in Gotham City but a crimefighter's still gotta get to the scene of the crime, amiright? Tune in next, er, right now for ten low-budget Batmobiles that won't require Robin a bank.


Looks like things are even worse than we thought: Batman's living in a van down by the river. On the bright side, there's no longer any need to park the Batmobile in the Batcave... the Batmobile IS the Batcave.  (DIY Batmobile image via People Of Walmart)


They don't make Saabs anymore, and the automotive atrocity above might just be the car that killed the company. Check out the charmingly dyslexic text identifying the pumpkin-colored cruiser as an... well, we're not exactly sure what it's supposed to be. Obviously the owner wants to avoid any copyright issues with DC Comics. Yeah, that's the ticket! (DIY Batmobile image via Cartridge Save Blog  

Roll Tape!

It's amazing what some black paint, a few rolls of red electrical tape and a near-psychopathic obsession with All Things Batman can lead to. In this case it's led to a Walmart parking lot. Note the Vision Center sign... when the driver returns he's not gonna like what he sees. (DIY Batmobile image via People Of Walmart


As a superhero devoid of super-powers, Batman relies on surprise and stealth when he's out foiling criminals' evil schemes. It seems the Beetle-driver above didn't get the memo... or at least, he got only the first half. (DIY Batmobile image via Pinterest/Lisa Roman)

GM, Please Recall This Cadillac!

We don't recall this DIY Batmobile but someone should... we're looking at you, GM. Whomever captioned the above broke-ass Batmobile wanted everyone to know it's located in West Texas. We're guessing the photographer is from East Texas. (DIY Batmobile image via 3.D Monster 

Dork Knight

Perhaps inspired by the previously discussed Walmart Tape-Job DIY Batmobile, the owner of the above Ford F-150 pickup decided his pickup needed a bit more pickup so he went into full "Hold my beer and watch this!" mode. Our guess is he won't be picking up any impressed babes in the parking lot... even a Walmart parking lot. (DIY Batmobile image via Paul's Choice)

Smokey and the Batman

OK, we all can't drive a Screaming Eagle-ized Pontiac Trans-Am like The Bandit but we CAN go one better. Not that this battered (or bat-turd, if you like) Firebird is “better” in any way, shape or form. No word on what the driver looks like but try to imagine a circa-1974 Burt Reynolds wearing tights and a cape... how's THAT for scary! (DIY Batmobile image via People Of Walmart 

“The World's Worst Batmobile”

Condemned as “the world's worst Batmobile,” this wrecked 1994 Pontiac Grand Am was purchased for the princely sum of $100. No doubt Dave's Towing in Ann Arbor, Michigan was more than glad to see the last of it. Rather than try repairing the car's crushed roof and damaged front end, the new owner did a quick & dirty Batmobile conversion and listed the result on Craigslist for $600. Betcha it doesn't look half-bad... on a really Dark Knight. (DIY Batmobile image via Comics Alliance)

The Gosh-Darned Batman

Dude, flames AND Batman graphics? Really, Bubba? And is that a Batgirl decal at the top of the windshield? The driver's worst indiscretion, however, was swapping out the Mustang emblem on the grill for a bright yellow bat. Lee Iacocca must be spinning in his grave. (DIY Batmobile image via People Of Walmart)     

To The Bat-Sedan!

How do we know Batman's getting old? He's traded in his sleek Batmobile for a more sedate four-door. At least the owner of this Old Bat-mobile exercised some restraint when applying bat-graphics – they saved their energy for the alarmingly frilly twin tailfins. (DIY Batmobile image above via StreetCars.US, at top via Geekadelphia)