Capitalizing on the Holidays With a Scheduled Greeting Card Service

Jack Cards is a greeting card service that makes sure you never miss a beat by keeping track of important dates and doing the legwork for you. Remembering to send cards to your loved ones for birthdays and other holidays can be a daunting task. So, as we approach a long stretch of looming holidays, why not eliminate the stress and avoid the embarrassment that comes from forgetting to send a key member of your inner circle a greeting card? Consumers love services that bring ease and convenience to their lives, so how could this not be a winning business idea?


Jack Cards allows you to peruse their online greeting card selection and manage all of your important dates using their online calendar. As the holiday, event or birthday approaches, the service will send you the greeting card you have pre-selected so you can add your own personal, handwritten message. If you so desire, they will also provide you with a postage paid, addressed envelope, so you only need to focus upon drafting up the touching text and adding your autograph.


This concept is arguably similar to the online greeting card trend, where you can select an animated graphic, and choose a pre-dated send date with the only requirement being a valid email address for the recipient. However, I don't think I'm alone in the belief that a tangible holiday card with a message in your own penmanship demonstrates a different level of warmth. "Happy Birthday", "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Thanksgiving" just sound better when your intended audience has a chance to struggle to decipher your illegible handwriting and smudge the penned text. I've never heard of counting and displaying e-greetings around the home, have you?

The cost to purchase the cards start at $2.45USD, plus an additional charge of $0.49 for shipping within the United States. Of course, the stamped and addressed envelopes are extra. I'd say their fees are competitive to other major greeting card franchises, unless, that is, you live outside of the US, and then shipping is increased to $1.99 regardless of destination.

Their selection of greeting card designs are decent and contain some unique graphics. Though I would like to see them expand upon their Thanksgiving collection, and worry less about Christmas political correctness (after all, you typically send cards that are consistent with the recipient's personal beliefs...or so I would think). But hey, Rachael Ray provides a testimonial on their site, so how could I not be an advocate?

As American Thanksgiving launches 2008's holiday season, it's time to start thinking about sending out your greeting cards and of course capitalizing from your own related business venture.



Nov 6, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Thank you so much for your

 Thank you so much for your comment Luis, I will definitely be trying it out and would encourage my readers to do the same. I will also be bookmarking Send Out Cards to keep in mind for future business reviews.

If anyone else has had the opportunity to click on this link, or has tried a similar services like Jack Cards, let me know your thoughts! 






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