Capybara-san Bag Hanger is Cute, Cool and Convenient

The cute, cool and convenient Capybara-san Bag Hanger provides those who carry purses with a clean, close storage place in crowded cafes, restaurants and bars. When you're ready to leave, just fold it up and pop it in your purse.
My wife often complains that there's no place to put her purse when we go to cafes, restaurants or bars. Think about it: the table tops are too small and the floor is both out of sight and, well, dirty. Lately these small, folding bag hangers have appeared in stores and markets but they're all rather generic... until now.

Introducing the Capybara-san Bag Hanger, a gold-toned zinc alloy combo bag hanger and keychain that features the cute face of one of Japan's most lovable characters, Capybara-san!

When not in use, the segmented hook folds around the central plate that bears Capybara-san's likeness. Simply unfold the hook, pull out the hinge-pin, and place the device over the edge of the table. Presto! The bag hanger holds your purse while Capybara-san gazes serenely upwards, as he is won't to do.

The Capybara-san Bag Hanger comes in two colors (white or brown) which complement the gold-toned body of the hanger and the attached chain-link keychain.