Car Phone: Aston Martin's Slick, Sexy Concept Phone

Remember the car phone? I recall being a kid and seeing that squiggly, little antenna on the roof of a passing BMW or Audi thinking: "Wow, that dude must be a balla." Or something like that.

Now the car phone is entirely obsolete, what with cell phones being about as common as cars themselves. Unless you're going to a Halloween party as a retro-douche, you really have no need for a car phone nowadays. 

Unless it's this Aston Martin concept phone, of course. A different kind of "car phone," this model is simply a phone that's been built in a partnership between Canadian luxury phone company Mobiado and Aston Martin--basically a fancy cell phone with Aston Martin branding. 

Known simply as the CT002, the phone is crafted from sapphire crystal and has a completely transparent display, giving it a clean, futuristic look. The display fills in with your usual cell phone options and icons when you switch the on button. All of the phone's electronics are built into the sides, freeing up the main body for its glass-like look. It runs on Android. 

Taking the Aston Martin aspect beyond pure branding, the phone is designed to integrate with Aston cars, opening the door locks and updating social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with your car's location. It is even designed to automatically upload pictures from the car's on-board cameras. 

While the CT002 is just a concept presented at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show, Aston/Mobiado will have an actual line of phones coming out this May. I really doubt they'll look anywhere near as cool as this one, though. 

Via: Inside Line

Apr 13, 2011
by Anonymous


I think if they make this phone out of a more durable glass this will be a good thing if they do not make it out of durable glass there is a good chance it could break.

Jul 20, 2011
by Anonymous

Car Phone by Aston Martin and Mobiado

Aston Martin has teamed up with Mobiado the Canadian luxury phone maker to develop one of the coolest car parts gadgets - CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone. The CPT002 has the ability to lock and unlock the doors of the Aston Martin cars, it also connect the vehicle with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.