Does Your Car Have A Sexy Butt Or A Baby Face?

Does your car look like you?'  Does your car look like your pet?  Are cars biomimetic, designed to look like people or animals, or have dominant or sweet personalities?  The car in this picture was described as having "male lines" and "one of the sexiest butts around."



Florida State University professor Dennis Slice and fellow researchers at Austria's Vienna University says they do... all of the above... and if automobile designers are not aware of the attributes car buyers give their cars, maybe they should be aware and design intentionally anthropomorphic cars.

Slice and his colleagues are 'shape analysts' and they are conducting their research to try to identify specific shapes that make these partially subliminal impressions about cars.  Slice was surprised to find a high degree of consistency in men and women and how each group perceived the cars. He said that facial shapes and features are the most common attributes that humans attribute to cars and that seeing faces in inanimate objects is an evolutionary survival instinct.

Slice foresees a software program that enables designers to intentionally add symbolic features through automobile design.  The car of the future... inspired by nature!


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