Car Window Pet Gate Keeps Your Fresh-Air-Loving Dog Safe


How many times have you seen dogs hanging out of the passenger seat or rear window looking like they will surely try to fly out while their owners are nonchalantly driving while texting. Too many times, as far as I'm concerned.  Oh, I know dogs love the feel of the wind on their faces and all the great smells of places they've never been, but is the danger of losing one's dog really worth all that canine freedom?  Here's a compromise solution that gives your dog a fun car outing and keeps him safe as well....


Pet Parade Car Window Pet GatePet Parade Car Window Pet Gate


It's Pet Parade's Car Window Pet Gate, very simply designed like the traditional room pet gates we might use to keep our dogs or our kids from the dangers of entering another room in the house. 


Pet Parade Car Window Pet GatePet Parade Car Window Pet Gate


Made of polypropylene, the Car Window Pet Gate has a bit of flexibility, just enough to insure that it fits most car windows.  It fits in an open window so your dog can enjoy the fresh air and all the great smells he enjoys.  If you get two of these Car Window Pet Gates, she'll even get cross ventillation.

Now you and and your fellow drivers can stop worrying about your dog flying out of your car window and you can just go back to driving while texting. (NOT.)

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