Carbon Fiber Chopsticks Make Eating Tougher

Disposable wooden chopsticks are fast falling from favor so grab a pair of carbon fiber chopsticks, the environmentally friendly way to savor the flavor! Carved from a solid piece of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, these beautifully polished "hashi" look great, save trees and will likely last longer than YOU will.

Carbon fiber is a high tech, lightweight, incredibly tough material used in high-performance aircraft and luxury vehicles. It's also 100% non-toxic, completely food safe and dishwasher safe which makes it ideal for something as humble as a pair of chopsticks. Let's not forget the matching "hashi-oki", or chopstick rest.

The carbon fiber used to make - in the USA, by the way - the 3-piece set is carved out of a solid block of  aerospace grade carbon fiber. Hey, if carbon fiber can give fighter pilots a deadly advantage over their airborne enemies it can turn your 8.5" long and 1/4" thick chopsticks into a finely honed food delivery system. Heat them to 400 degrees? No problem - extra chipotle, please.

Check out this short video from the manufacturer, Carbon Fiber Gear:

According to Carbon Fiber Gear, the carbon fiber used in the chopsticks and matching rest is 670 2x2 twill .3" and solid Vartm method. Remember that - you'll need it to impress your dinner companions. The carbon fiber also has a tensile strength of 1.8 million PSI, so don't get ahead of yourself and try to break them over your thigh.

How much for the ultimate chopsticks (and matching rest)? A cool $149.95... which'll buy a LOT of cheap steak.

Another company producing carbon fiber chopsticks is the quality knife maker Spartan Blades. For around $130,  you can pick up your own pair of carbon fiber chopsticks here.  These are combined with titanium, and designed to be portable so they come in two smaller pieces that can be screwed together.

If spending over $100 for a pair of chopsticks seems a bit much, then think about getting yourself some great titanium ones. They are almost as strong and much less expensive. You can see a large selection of titanium chopsticks here

With these great options, ditch the cheap and disposable wooden chopsticks and you'll be able to savor flavors with style and toughness.


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