Carbon Fiber Chopsticks Make Eating Tougher

Disposable wooden chopsticks are fast falling from favor so grab a pair of carbon fiber chopsticks, the environmentally friendly way to savor the flavor! Carved from a solid piece of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, these beautifully polished "hashi" look great, save trees and will likely last longer than YOU will.

Carbon fiber is a high tech, lightweight, incredibly tough material used in high-performance aircraft and luxury vehicles. It's also 100% non-toxic, completely food safe and dishwasher safe which makes it ideal for something as humble as a pair of chopsticks. Let's not forget the matching "hashi-oki", or chopstick rest.

The carbon fiber used to make - in the USA, by the way - the 3-piece set is carved out of a solid block of  aerospace grade carbon fiber. Hey, if carbon fiber can give fighter pilots a deadly advantage over their airborne enemies it can turn your 8.5" long and 1/4" thick chopsticks into a finely honed food delivery system. Heat them to 400 degrees? No problem - extra chipotle, please.

Check out this short video from the manufacturer, Carbon Fiber Gear:

According to Carbon Fiber Gear, the carbon fiber used in the chopsticks and matching rest is 670 2x2 twill .3" and solid Vartm method. Remember that - you'll need it to impress your dinner companions. The carbon fiber also has a tensile strength of 1.8 million PSI, so don't get ahead of yourself and try to break them over your thigh.

How much for the ultimate chopsticks (and matching rest)? A cool $149.95... which'll buy a LOT of cheap steak.