Carbon Fiber Jacket: Hot Fashion With Adjustable Temperature For Any Season

Spring is in the air, but depending on where you live the hot weather isn't quite here yet. Looking for a lighter weight jacket that delivers enough warmth for those cool spring nights? Try the carbon fiber jacket with adjustable internal heating that allows you to make sure the heat setting is appropriate for what the weather's doing outside.

The Carbon Fiber Heated Jackets aren't for the urban fashionista who has a jacket for every possible weather situation and occasion, but it is a practical option for those who don't know how to dress for a long day outside when the temperatures are fluctuating. The Carbon Fiber Heated Jackets by Brookstone are made of fleece, and have a built-in carbon fiber heated that can be adjusted to three different temperature settings or turned right off depending upon the weather outside.

The Carbon Fiber Heated Jackets are powered by a rechargeable battery pack which lasts for 5 hours and fits conveniently into the pockets of the fleece jackets along with the heat controller.

At $179 the Carbon Fiber Heated Jacket isn't cheap, but hey, if it's the only jacket you need year-round, then it might be worth the investment, even if the statement it makes isn't the most fashionable one.

Via: Shiny Shiny