Carbon Gives You Charging Power On Your Wrist

We rely on phones now more than ever. Not just for conversing, but for emails, GPS, and beating your high score on the late Flappy Bird. How many times have you found yourself at 5% battery on your phone, and nowhere close to a charger? Carbon introduces a wrist unit that can charge your phone and other mobile accessories.

Using solar energy, the Carbon can charge your mobile device for an additional 3-4 hours. Oh, but what if you live somewhere that barely sees the sun? Carbon can also be charged in a more traditional manner via USB. The unit comes with a range of short charging cables perfect for plugging into the wrist unit and holding the phone in your hand at the same time, without having loose wires everywhere. 

Carbon With Charging CableCarbon With Charging Cable

Notice something missing in the picture above, though? Maybe the large mass of blank space on the user's wrist? That isn't glare. The base Carbon model does not have anything on the solar panel face. It is void of anything. With so many smart watches on the market, wrist space is at a premium and not having anything on the "watch" face is a huge issue.  After concerns from many tech blogs and writers, the Carbon began to lose steam. Noticing this, Energy Bionics announced a version that includes an analog clock on it as well, for only $15 more. 

The Carbon comes in a multitude of accent colors and even has a crush-proof case with it to protect the unit when not being worn. The Carbon is still in the Kickstarter phase and has started gaining a lot of attention since announcing the analog clock version. It will, however, be interesting to see if adding a clock onto the device will reduce the Carbon's charge time for other devices.


Source: Energy Bionics

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Mar 13, 2014
by Anonymous

it looks really big

it looks really big

Mar 24, 2014
by Josiah Motley

It is, but honestly it's

It is, but honestly it's comparable to most other smart watches on the market. Maybe slightly bigger.