Carbon Nanotube Development to Offer Reduced Weight and More Miles to the Gallon

Carbon Nanotube development has slowly but surely become one of the most promising pieces of technology over the past few years, and for a good reason. Honda, along with Perdue University and the University of Louisville, has given us yet another reason to look forward to the new technology.

The team has conducted in depth research over the past few years and has been able to develop a material that is stronger than steel yet remains as light, or lighter, than carbon fiber. The possibilities are truly endless.

Considering how much of a negative effect weight has on fuel consumption, replacing half of the steel used in auto manufacturing could yield a massive increase in miles per gallon. This is without considering all the material you would no longer have to use to hold all the weight of steel.

The team also discovered that their new Nanotubes would conduct electricity faster and more efficiently than copper. Honda is looking to use the technology in cables and electrical systems, as well as exploring the possibility of quick charge batteries.

No word on how long they are planning on testing before they release the technology to the public.

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