Card Reader Frog Gobbles Up MicroSD & SD Cards, Won't Give You Warts


The model 303-F "Yomikaeru" microSD & SD Card Reader Frog from Japan Trust Technology (JTT) adds a dash of humor and whimsy to what has been a somewhat staid and lifeless corner of the peripherals section.

The bug-eyed frog – more like a frog's head, actually – is small enough to balance on the owner's fingertip (though why you'd want to do that is anyone's idea). It does serve to demonstrate the device's portability, however. An integral cord allows attachment to mobile phones, digital cameras, backpack zippers and so on.

The other cord you'll need to pay attention to is the black USB 2.0 connector that conveniently stores beneath the frog's belly. Whip it out (the cord, dude) and plug it in to your desktop PC or laptop computer's USB port.

Then things get a little weird... the frog has two card reading slots: the wide mouth for regular SD cards and a smaller “mouth” slot in its chin that handles microSD cards. When in use, the frog's chin slot imparts a hint of the old Evil Spock or Flexo look - not that that's a bad thing. Both slots are engineered to use the normal SDHC standard and will accept cards with up to 32GB capacity. One tiny advisory: you can only use only one type of SD card at a time.

The model 303-F "Yomikaeru" microSD & SD Card Reader Frog from Japan Trust Technology (JTT) costs just 480 yen, or about $5.80 at current exchange rates. Adopt yourself an electronic amphibian today!

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