Cardboard 'Cabinet-Cabin' Creates An Awesome Guest House In A Mountain Cave

I've covered a cardboard cafe and a cardboard office, but this is the first time I've seen the entire interior architecture of a guest house designed in cardboard.  And, if that is not novel enough, the guest house is part of a villa that is literally carved into a mountain.

The design lives in a steep mountainside in Vals, Switzerland.  Dutch designer Jeroen van Mechelen from Sutdio JVM, follows the natural elliptical shape of the upper contours of the sculpted cave with his medieval chapel-like criss-cross beams, dropping at wall height to form continuous shelves.  Thus, the nickname of the guest house is "cabinet-cabin."



The 3-dimensional matrix formed by the CNC'd cardboard follows the natural curvature of the hollowed cave, and it creates two rooms - a bedroom and bathroom - both with lots of shelf space!





If this cabinet-cabin reminds you of medieval church architecture, look no further than St. Jerome In His Study' by Antonella da Messina...



... from which the inspiration for the cardboard cabinet came.