Cardboard Robot Decorates Mugs


Robots can do a lot of cool things. They can explore the depths of a volcano, or the far reaches of the solar system. But what about the less important tasks in life? As it turns out robots can fritter their time away too. One robot is doing a much better version of what most humans would consider arts and crafts. The robot is known as Mug Marker and it is the brainchild of Don McRae. Mug Marker spends his days, not too surprisingly, decorating mugs for use in the hot drink dreams of its makers.


The interesting thing about the robot is that the shell is made completely of cardboard. The outside is cardboard, similar to the kind you would find on a simple box, but the inside is all machine. The robot uses an affecter arm to draw various patterns on the sides of a mug. The robot is even smart enough to work on mugs with a tapered or variable surface.


Source: Boing Boing

Image: Morgue File