Oh Deer! Humane Trophy Puzzles From Cardboard Safari!


From a part of the country that can't wait for deer hunting season, Cardboard Safari, has introduced some clever and versatile deer head puzzles, antlers and all, that look remarkably like deer head trophies. No animals were killed on this safari; all trophies are made out of cardboard.

Cardboard is becoming the material of choice these days in making everything from cat scratchers to chairs. Cardboard Safari designed cardboard sculptures of deer heads, moose heads, and rhino heads, in various sizes, made of raw cardboard . It's recycled, made nearby (Charlottesville, VA), and free from toxins and waste products.

The designers, Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez, laser cut cardboard pieces that fit into each other, making each trophy a puzzle that you put together yourself. Makes fun for you and easy packaging for Cardboard Safari. Don't worry, each puzzle comes with directions.

And you can make your Cardboard Safaris fit your decor, if you don't like the natural color of cardboard. Paint, wallpaper, sequin, ribbon them... just follow your whims. At the reasonable prices ($14 to $46) from Uncommon Goolds, you can afford to order more!




via I like design

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