Cardboard Tube Fighting to Be the Next Great Sport

So apparently cardboard tube fighting is a sport. And apparently hot chicks like to play along with big, sweaty nerdy dudes. Or perhaps that chick just saw a photo op and decided to grab it. Regardless, an activity that young children have been performing for years during birthdays and Christmas time has its own league--the Cardboard Tube Fighting League.

Now, just in case you thought idea of a cardboard tube fighting league might be fun, consider this description from the website: " The CTFL was created out of a desperate need to better train and arm citizens with cardboard tubes. While many speculate that our fore fathers, when drafting the constitution, originally intended the second amendment to refer to fire arms, there is now a small group of non-academics who believe that they were more likely referring to elite militias of card board tube wielding ninjas." That's right, it's as dorky as your better judgement was indicating when you read the title of the post. 

The league hosts events and competitions around the world. To sweeten the pot, these athletes even dress up in homemade cardboard apparel. So I guess if Live Action Role Playing isn't quite appealing to you, there's one more way to get out in public and make a big, goofy spectacle of yourself. If that sounds about right, check it out at

Via: Trend Hunters