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CareBuzz.com: A Modern Business Approach to Senior Services

CareBuzz.com and Workingcaregiver.com demonstrate a growing business trend in the senior services industry. They prove that just because their target market is of the elder generation, doesn't mean they can't have a modern approach to senior care business.

Carol Marak of Austin, Texas initially founded Workingcaregiver.com to act as a comprehensive resource to help families make decisions regarding their aging parents' care. Her mission was a personal one; she faced a situation that so many around the world deal with, the realization that her parents were getting older. Worrying about their safety and ability to live self-sufficiently, she founded the site that would help others through the process of seeking in-home care, considering care facilities, or becoming a family caregiver.

Workingcaregiver.com is a simple, yet effective concept. It acts as a business directory for senior services and features articles that cover all aspects of aging and care. While this particular concept in itself may not have been a unique one, it offers exactly what web surfers are looking for.

CareBuzz.com is where the modern approach to the senior services industry comes into play. I don't have to tell you that blogging has become an effective, indirect marketing tool. So why not extend that to senior care, and do the work for those related businesses looking to use this progressive method on the sites that are too busy to get it done themselves? CareBuzz has done just that, capturing a new niche in the existing, growing market for seniors.

These senior care businesses provide a fine example for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark; choose your industry and use forward thinking to establish a progressive business.

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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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