Carnival of the Green # 110!


This week it's my turn to host the Carnival of the Green and I am excited to be the 110th host for the Carnival.

What exactly is the Carnival of the Green? Carnival of the Green, managed and created by Treehugger a few years ago, is an ongoing weekly linked summary of green ideas offering a vast amount of green knowledge and entertainment all across the Internet.

Thank you to E-Bike Blog for hosting the Carnival the week of January 7th 2008. Next week's carnival will be hosted by TREEconomist . To find more information on the COG or to submit a post go to .

Check out the list of submissions below:

1. At Money and Values read what Penny and China have in common with plastic bags in Penny's ""I don't need a bag for that!" (or, what China and I have in common)" post.

2. Samuel Bryson at Total Wellbeing explains in his blog how cycling is great for many things, including our health and the environment.

3. Sally Kneidel brings us into her "Reason To Hope" with a personal essay about her involvement with a dead possum and how she discovers hope on such a gory day. Take a look at it at Veggie Revolution .

4. "Going vegetarian or at least making meat a "sometimes food" is one of the greatest things you can do for the planet, your health and your pocketbook - these burgers make the switch a little easier," says JP Davidson. Read his review on meatless burgers at Green Deals Daily .

5. Also take a look at JP Davidson's thoughts at Green Deals Daily on an innovative noodle bowl. "Sure styrofoam noodle bowls are convenient, but it takes them forever to decompose. A new noodle bowl is changing all that though, it's made from cornstarch and is 100% biodegradable," he says.

6. Phillip Barron shares his thoughts on the use of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. Read what he has to say at

7. Dervaes wants to let us know that we can Join the 100 Foot Diet challenge with Path To Freedom and grow food in your own backyard. To find out how to take on the challenge, click on Path To Freedom .

8. Can a car really run on Algae? Find out what Emmett Duffy has to say about it at the The Natural Patriot.

9. "I am running a month-long campaign on "Save the Ocean" in January 2008, and the campaign is hoped to increase public awareness on the importance of conserving our oceans. Some bloggers have volunteered to write certain articles throughout the month, and that has provided the campaign a variety of voices. Some posts are educational, whereas the others were written from personal point-of-views, " says Pelf Nyok from The Giving Hands .

10. Don Bosch from wants to share his green blog love with everyone. Check out his "Sharing Some Blog Love" where he lists his favorite Christian environmental thinkers. Drop by and check it out at

11. "This post is an exclusive interview with outspoken environmentalist David Suzuki in the aftermath of the Bali Climate Change conference," says Green Living Online .

12. "We sit back enjoying our lives as modern technology has made possible, but our fear of change will bring society to a screeching halt very very soon, " Kcawley voices his green ideas in the No Prodigal Son .

13. Finally if you want to read about doing something green and simple take on Melanie Rimmer's January challenge and go get some rechargeable batteries and use them. Read more about her challenge at Bean Sprouts .

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger, Inc
Jan 15, 2008
by JP (not verified)


Hey, thanks for running the carnival and the linkage!

Jan 16, 2008
by pelf (not verified)

My first Carnival

This is my first carnival, and I am enjoying myself reading entries submitted my other green bloggers :D