Watch the Tide Come In With Swimmers Sculpture Art


Carole Feuerman is an artist that creates very real and eye-catching sculptures. 

Brooke With BeachballBrooke With Beachball

Feuerman, who began sculpting in the 1970's, is a hyper-realist sculptor, which means that her work greatly resembles a high-quality photograph. She is actually one of the major hyper-realistic sculptors in America. Feuerman has won countless awards for her work, and was also featured in "An American Odyssey, 1945/1980: Debating Modernism," which showcased great American artists of the post-WWII era.


This series is called "The Swimmers", and I love that these sculptures just pop out at you as being so life-like. About her work, she says, “I like the idea that my work inspires the viewer to look closely at what stands before them. I want the viewer to complete the story.”

City SlickerCity Slicker




The General's DaughterThe General's Daughter


If I were standing in front of one of these, I'd probably mistake it for a real person and start talking to it. Of course I wouldn't notice the fact that it had half a body, I'd just be happy that someone was actually standing there listening to me. I wonder though, if I could take one of these sculptures in the car pool lane to work.


The only thing that is different though, is that these sculptures are actually way bigger than the average human being. It's sort-of like a new giant culture that could one day come alive, where they would overpower every one of us with their half bodies and giant beads of water on their faces. Sound like a new movie idea? I think this could work...

Feuerman with one of her sculpturesFeuerman with one of her sculptures

What do you think of Carole Feuerman's sculptures? My favorite one is Balance. Which one is yours?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Carole A. Feuerman's website to see more of this realistic artwork!