Carrera Foldable Helmet: Stylish, Collapsible and Portable

Carrera Folding HelmetCarrera Folding Helmet

Commuting to work via bicycle is energy efficient, financially efficient, often time efficient and fun. However, finding a place to store your bike helmet after you've arrived isn't so fun. Helmets typically take up too much space to stuff in your bag and you may not have a locker or other storage area at work in which to stow it. Enter the Carrera Foldable Helmet. Stowing this collapsible helmet is a piece of cake.

Folding Bike HelmetFolding Bike Helmet

Inspired by the pistards leather helmet, the Carrera Foldable Helmet has a flexible frame inside that will adapt to the shape of your head and an elastic fitting system that supports the back of the head. The unique design of the helmet also provides amazing ventilation, and when folded it saves over 20% of space. 

This unique, stylish helmet also comes with a lockable belt that doubles as an ankle band. You can find out more about the Carrera Foldable Helmet on the Carrera site, and you can order the helmet there or on Amazon. This awesome design will run you around $65, which isn't much more than a good, traditional helmet. So if you're looking for a stylish, space-saving helmet, you may want to try a Carrera. 

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May 29, 2014
by Anonymous

I don't think 'foldable' is

I don't think 'foldable' is an appropriate word to describe this. It conjures up images of a helmet that flattens out, or doubles over to halve it's length, when this really just compresses a little. 20% is not much of a saving. I can't think of an example where 20% would make a difference, you still need a decent sized bag to carry it.