Carry The Adhoc Canoe In A Backpack

Adhoc Folding CanoeAdhoc Folding Canoe

Imagine hauling your canoe out of the water after a few hours on the river, stretching your legs on the bank, and then walking back to your canoe, folding it up, storing it in your backpack and going on your way. How convenient would that be? Well imagine no more. The Adhoc Folding Canoe is a real thing.

Adhoc AssemblyAdhoc Assembly

Made with a carbon fiber frame and heat-resistant synthetic fabric (the same fabric used in racing sails), the Adhoc tent weighs about 4.1kg, fits into any standard backpack and setting it up is a snap. It takes about 5 minutes to insert the telescopic poles into a corner lock and then set up the parasol-like mechanism in the center so that the canoe will maintain its shape. 

The product isn't yet on the market, however, and photos would indicate that the prototype may not be ideal for shallow waters. But the idea is still a clever one and meant for leisure water-faring voyages (I don't think anyone would test this canoe in Class 5 rapids). 

Adhoc PrototypeAdhoc Prototype

You can find more information about the Adhoc on Design Boom. And outdoorsmen, keep your eyes peeled for the folding canoe to hit the market.