Carry Your Cargo With Bullitt

We'll start off with the good--the Larry VS Harry Bullitt Bike offers a ton of purposely-built cargo space to give the owner a greener way of transporting hard goods from A to B. From the looks of it, you could move the contents of a studio apartment with a couple of trips on the Bullitt.

Now for the bad--this is one of the most awkward-looking rides ever produced. I can't even begin to imagine trying to take a righthand turn with this thing, nor can I imagine the cargo actually remaining on the bike for that turn--or much of the ride. On top of that, it costs 1,800 pounds (over $2,500)--unless you plan to haul cargo on this oversized beast every day, that's probably a bit excessive. Finally, there are already other bikes on the market that haul cargo, and they do it without being this large and unwieldy.

And on to the facts--while far longer than the average bike at 245 cm (over 8 feet), the bike's width is comparable to average (until you add some big cardboard boxes on front). It features oversized aluminum tubing to keep weight down to just under 53 lbs. The consumer can choose from various gear and brake configurations and 13 colors. 

Personally, I'll stick to a backpack or trailer for hauling my gear. 

Wired via Dvice 

Aug 31, 2009
by Anonymous

uncomfortable looking

That looks really uncomfortable to pedal. You have to get your posterior about 2 feet higher than your head. If you stop short you'll end up face first in your cargo.