Carry Your Fragrance on A Bloom

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a wonderfully simple idea, creative, basic and top notch, it makes me wonder, "Why didn't I think of this?"

The Bloom Scented Flower Earring is one such fashion accessory.

Produced by designboom, and based on an idea by Jee Toh Peng Sun, a pack of Bloom Scented Flower Earring contains a pair of sterling silver stud earrings along with 30 little disposable paper flowers that you can scent with your own perfume.

All this for as little as $15.

Not only do these vibrant earrings look like flowers, they're packed with beautiful fragrances too! In fact, each flower can be made to smell just the way you want it to!

The fundamental idea behind the creation is that the disposable blooms are designed to act as scent pads to carry your favorite perfume. Whereas sweating and natural oil production make your fragrances fade after a few hours, the scent pads (on your ear lobes) continue to let those enticing aromas continue to emanate from you.

Bright, colorful, aromatic, disposable, affordable...Bloom Ear rings are all this and more.