Case of Counter Surveillance Gear Insures That You Are Not Paranoid

Ever get the feeling that you're being watched?  That someone is following you?  That there are listening devices recording your every word?

If you do, perhaps you should seek out some professional help.  But if the feeling persists, you should get online and purchase the CS-Pro25.

This counter surveillance kit packs enough gear to prove whether or not you're paranoid.

Equipment included can detect telephone transmitters and recording devices, body "wires" (you know-the kind that Jimmy the Mook wears during those clandestine mob meetings because he's secretly in with The Feds), and all types of "Infinity" listening devices, video cameras, and more.

For those of you who didn't know (include me as one of you-I had to look this up), an "Infinity" listening device is a type of bug that utilizes telephone lines and mobile technology, thus allowing surveillance of a subject from anywhere in the world.  In fact, mobile phone technology has made it so that no "bug" need even be planted on the target.

Let's start with the DET-2:

This sensitive frequency counter locks on to any listening devices in the area and provides data on the location and operating frequency of the bug on a ten digit display.

Next there's the CSD-21:

This combination detector is touted as being the best on the market-and it's easy to see why.  Sporting the ability to pinpoint the latest models of "super-bugs" (devices that are capable of changing frequencies to avoid detection), concealed video cameras, and GPS devices, it is easy to see why this gadget is so popular.  It also allows you to listen in and record whatever is being gathered by recording devices in the vicinity.

Last, but not least, we come to the SBD-5H Transmitter and Video Camera Detector:

Small enough to fit in your pocket (2" X 1 ½" X ½"), the SBD-5H "silently" alerts you by vibrating when eavesdropping devices are in the area. If you don't have it in your pocket, a tiny LED light blinks to provide a visual warning that a surveillance device is nearby.  It can detect telephone transmitters, concealed body wires, and other bugs.

All of this gear comes packed in the CS-Pro25 attaché case along with a transmitting video camera, telephone connectors, headphones, batteries, and instructions.  Quite the complete set to insure visual and aural privacy, eh?

Here's the conundrum: If you purchase this kit and find that nobody is tracking you, then you know it's probably time for some psychiatric help (accompanied by some nice little blue pills to keep you calm).  However, what do you do if someone IS tracking you?

The CS Pro25 Counter Surveillance Kit can be found at  Spy Associates.

SOURCE: Wikipedia