Cash For Cuddling: The Business Of Professional Spooning

Cuddling is typically considered an intimate act, reserved for couples, parents and children, and perhaps close friends. But cuddling has many benefits to our well-being, physically and emotionally, and individuals that don't have a designated cuddle buddy miss out on them. That's why some very people-friendly entrepreneurs have carved out a new industry.

Professional CuddlerProfessional Cuddler

Cuddling businesses are a newer trend that have popped up in the last couple of years. They recognize just how important cuddling is, and that it can be a desirable activity all on its own, independent of sex. While there is a clear demand, these businesses seem to be crossing into a legal grey area, and not all of them are currently in operation (at least that's not the impression they want to give the public) - but that doesn't mean we can't examine their entrepreneurial pursuits.

 Private Cuddle is one of the cuddle services that have chosen to brand themselves as a true network of professional cuddlers. They are based in LA, and it is evident that the appearance of the professional cuddlers is an important part of their brand. Namely, they only offer the most attractive of cuddlers (who can also provide event escort services). Their rates are $70 per hour, and their FAQ outlines that a cuddle can be arranged just about anywhere, and you can request a male or female, depending on your spooning preferences.

Samantha HessSamantha Hess

They suggest that their clients were pajamas to their sessions, as comfort is integral in making the most of any cuddle session. They emphasize that they do not offer sexual services, but do not want their clients to experience shame should they become aroused during the session, provided no further actions follow.

Private Cuddle isn't the only business of this type. The Snuggle House in Madison, Wisconsin seized operations after accusations of prostitution, demonstrating why cuddle services across the country might still only be offered under the table. But what's interesting, is that in the case of The Snuggle House, the city actually intended to put measures in place to protect professional cuddlers from sexual harassment. If other cities where snuggling is an industry begin to follow suit, this could be a growing market.

Other professional cuddlers are offering their services on a more freelance basis. Samantha Hess, based in Oregon, recently did a Q&A session with local media about her business service Cuddle Up To Me. She mentioned that her typical attire is yoga pants and a plain t-shirt for cuddle sessions, but that she would be happy to wear just about anything that would also be considered appropriate in a public setting. She also indicated that it may not just be a seasonal business. Though certainly the cold weather felt across the country today might seem to create a more ideal cuddle environment, she did indicate that her business was booming this summer. Particularly for outdoor sessions, so if cuddling in public is appealing to you, it is definitely within the realm of a cuddler's core services.

If you're the type that wants a cuddle without any kind of commitment, a cuddling services might be an ideal scenario for you, as conversation is also optional and guided by the client's needs and desires. While some differences between cuddling business may appear, this is one component that appears universal.