Casio G-Shock Goes Organic With 'Wood Shock' Watches

Casio's popular line of G-Shock wristwatches now sport an organic exterior thanks to Wood Shock, who laser cut each W-Shock wooden watch bezel.

It's called the "W-Shock", with W standing for Wood and indeed, it's the wood that makes it, well, different. Intricate, hand operated laser cutting results in each watch bezel being an organic analogue to the standard Casio G-Shock case.

You have to admit the watches (which come in Black or Red) look great - the laser cut incised text is dyed a contrasting color and the natural wood grain of the W-Shock bezels is an unexpected delight!

Casio G-Shock watches built their reputation on being ruggedly constructed; able to withstand tons of abuse in daily use in tough environments. The W-Shock watches should continue to perform as expected as well as retain their waterproof rating, but the wooden bezels? That remains to be seen, just don't expect Casio to include them in the factory warranty.

It should be mentioned that Wood Shock states at their website that "Wood Shock is not affiliated with Casio Computer Co. in any way", so buyers beware.

Regardless of any caveats, Wood Shock's W-Shock watches have an undeniable appeal. A dash of organic flavor, a touch or two of Steampunk style and the knowledge that at their heart lurks a reliable Casio G-Shock timepiece makes the selling price of $250 (plus $10 shipping) seem quite reasonable. And, you gotta love the rustic wood-boxed packaging with each watch cushioned on a bed of wood shavings.

No telling if these watches will stand up to casual use (and abuse) in real life over the long term, however - for that, you'd better knock on wood.

UPDATE: The W-Shock is no longer available. Casio's line of great looking G-Shock watches is still available on Amazon and other retailers. 

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Apr 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Wood Shock

W-Shock is an aftermarket bezel specifically made for the for the G-shock watch. The timepiece itself is indeed a DW600. The idea…….to enhance it and separate ones wearing experience from the myriad of other individuals wearing the same watch. The product created here is the bezel not the watch.