Casket Furniture Company: Halloween Gifts You Can Take To The Grave

Casket Entertainment CenterCasket Entertainment CenterCaskets seem like a bit of a frivolous expense when it comes down to it; however necessary, kind of like wedding dresses, caskets only really get their glory for one day. This Halloween, buy someone you love a unique casket design that serves a different purpose until the time comes for it to provide transportation to a final resting spot from a company that believes caskets can serve in life and in death.

Casket Pool TableCasket Pool Table

The Casket Furniture Company makes furniture. They're unique in design, aesthetically appealing, and make you feel like you've gotten more bang for your buck with a lifetime of use before it comes time for burial. Many of the company's pieces are comparative in cost to a typical casket that only gets a day or two of admiration before it goes underground.

Designs available from the Casket Furniture Company can all be used for burial, but will find a nice place in anyone's home, providing a focal point in any room and a great conversation starter for those who like to entertain. Functional furniture designs that double as caskets available include a casket sofa, casket coffee table, casket entertainment centers (including one that can become a his and hers coffin), casket bed, casket pool table and more.

It might be a little bit morbid, and maybe even bad luck to purchase a casket for the living; but thoughtful it definitely is as well, so think about it this Halloween when shopping for a present for your loved one who has yet to find their fate.

Inventor Spot previously featured the Casket Furniture Company's beds in an article titled "7 Inventive Ways to Sleep" . Read it to learn more about sleeping like the undead!

Oct 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Not for Asia.

I can say very confidently that this won't go down well in Asia. Fastest way to lose a friend would be to send him or her one of this.

Oct 12, 2009
by Anonymous

Link or it didn't happen

Am I using this website incorrectly? Every once in a while I read a post that doesn't have a link to the subject matter. A quick google search turns up the company, but it really seems like something that should be put in the article.

Maybe I just missed it?

Oct 14, 2009
by Anonymous

People have a hard time letting people go

I'd imagine family and friends may have a harder time letting a unique pool table go ;)