Cassette Tapes Are Back To Haunt Us All: Amazing Trash To Treasure Skulls

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About a week ago, while spring cleaning (yes, I know a little late), I came across my favorite cassette tapes, sighed and told my husband I was ready to give these up and consign with the other stuff. He grabbed the box and argued, "Who would want them?" I snapped him an angry look, "People find ways to recycle them!" and shut him up.

I didn't have time then to show my sweet and uninformed husband proof of cassette tape recycling, but in the past I have come across cassette tape notepads, cassette tape coin purses, etc and in a childish effort to prove my point that it is possible to have them recycled I did a little search. What I found, the skull you see in the picture above, was better than I expected. It even coincides with the October/Halloween theme. Awesome!

This skull, created by Brian Dettmer, is constructed of melted and then molded cassette tapes. The skull is constructed so well and is so realistic that, unless you look at a close up picture like this one, you may not notice right away with what the skull is constructed? In an up close picture though you can see the amazing detail of the perfectly melted and sculpted cassette tapes.

The skull isn't Brian's only cassette tape creation. He has constructed animal (ram, elk, bull) skulls, animal skeletons (bird), other human skulls, as well a full human skeleton too. It took Brian 180 cassette tapes to create the human skeleton. What is even more incredible is that he does not use glue, or tape or any outside material to sculpt his creepy masterpieces.

So, what does this all mean? That I was right and my husband was wrong? Of course, but childish attitude aside, it also means that someone out there has the creative ability to make something like my old cherished musical trash into treasured art and that is even better.

To find out more about Brian Dettmer visit his site here.


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