CastTV Gets You Whatever Videos You Want

Online video has enjoyed a healthy boom over the past few years, and many new websites have been popping up all over to take advantage of the growing medium.  Besides YouTube and MetaCafe, sites like Hulu, Joost,, and Blinx have been trying to change the way we find our videos in hopes of finding a profitable marketing formula.  So far no one's cracked the case, but online video still continues to grow.

 Enter CastTV.  The service was conceived in 2006 to help owners Edwin Ong and Alex Vikati keep up with their cravings for the TV show "Survivor" and all the viral Super Bowl web clips floating around the internet.  They devised CastTV to be a one-stop search for whatever videos you're looking for, and it seems to us like they've done the trick.

Any simple search will provide a diverse host of videos from all over the web.  If you're looking for standard viral videos or funny stuff to LOL at while at work, you should'nt have much of a problem.  Of course you could go to any number of sites that feature such material, but CastTV goes to all of them for you and brings it right to one place.

CastTV has a full staff that scours the net for the best videos all over the world.  From television, to commercials, to the next Tay Zonday, they watch it all, and create a very click-friendly home page, where you can find all sorts of fun stuff to watch without going a step further.  But that's not the best thing that CastTV does.  If you want to catch episodes of your favorite TV show, just type it in.  "American Idol", "Lost", or whatever your favorite addiction is, if it is available anywhere on the world wide web, CastTV will bring it to you direct from whatever service it is hosted on.

Online television is definitely an up and coming market, and CastTV seems to have the search power to keep up with it.  Sites specializing in TV episodes like Hulu and are going to get a run for their money if this site catches on, especially if the site keeps getting better at finding full episodes.  There's a list of TV shows that are readily available through CastTV, but we had no problem finding others that weren't on the list.

Whatever your video pleasure, CastTV is definitely worth a try.  Of course every search site has its limit (you probably won't find full episodes of the elusive 90's-kid classic, Dinosaucers), but you should be impressed with the amount of relevant material you find regardless.  Go out there and give it a try, and let us know what you found (or couldn't find)!