Cat/Dog Lady Fashion For Charity: Vans Sneakers For The ASPCA

If you are working on your transformation into full-blown crazy cat lady, simply having a dozen or two felines Vans Cat ShoesVans Cat Shoesjust isn't good enough. Instead, you've got to embrace the fashion so the whole world can see just how much you love kittens. You know, beyond the pet hair that is adhered to your clothing permanently (trust me, I know). With a second design for dog lovers, these pet happy fashions also work double duty; supporting the lives of felines and canines alike. 

Vans Shoes is known for its skateboarding fashions, and is embraced by hipster and punk circles alike. Traditionally, that means that Vans typically don't appeal to the stereotypical cat lady, but that is all about to change with their latest line. There are two styles - a typical Vans sneaker with an appealing cat pattern. The design is pretty realistic featuring cat faces of various breeds, colors, shapes and sizes. 

Vans Dog ShoesVans Dog Shoes

The second Vans design for the line is a quilted looking high-top with a suede center. If cats aren't your thing, and that's okay, this style is probably more your speed as a dog lover. Big dogs, small dogs, and everything in between are featured. 

Vans ASPCA ShoesVans ASPCA Shoes

The best part about these shoes is that they aren't strictly about the look. Vans has "partnered" with the ASPCA and promises that the sale of these shoes supports dogs and cats directly. They have yet to confirm exactly how much of the profits go towards the charitable cause, but they have the ASPCA's stamp of approval.

Afterword: don't take offense crazy cat ladies. I say that from a place of support; from one animal fanatic to another. 

Via: Neatorama