Cat LED Flashlight Runs Green, Shines White


Tell the truth, would you want to be seen in public with the Cat LED Flashlight? Think its odd look will get you, umm, odd looks? Well, that's not really a concern since it's a flashlight and you'll only need it when it's dark. In non-emergency situations you can leave it on a shelf where it doubles as a work of surrealistic sculpture.

There's really not much I can tell you about the Cat LED Flashlight, other than the fact it needs no batteries. A hand crank mounted on the side produces a flood of bright, white and cool LED light when and where needed. No more worrying about crusty old batteries nor disposing of same. The "tail" is a handy carrying loop.

This item, listed at Chocosho's website for a mere $10 plus shipping, caught my eye as it resembles the Pig LED Keychain Light (above) I wrote about several years ago and which  appears to be discontinued. Are these animalistic light-givers really so popular? Or unpopular?

Anyway, the piggie shone light out of its porcine nose holes whereas the Cat LED Flashlight is larger and features twin LED bulbs in its eye sockets. Cute, cool and freaky... and you know you want one.

Editor's Update: The cat led flashlight is now available in the U.S. You can find it at Amazon here.

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