Catch Some Air While Strengthening Your Legs With AIR KICKS

Catching Some Air With Air KicksCatching Some Air With Air Kicks

There are tons and tons of toys for kids on the market, but not a lot of toys for adults. Of course, adults tend to like more "mature" toys, like sports cars and smart phones. However, there are some adults who still like to "play" like a kid. AIR KICKS were made especially for those people (for kids as well). 

AIR KICKS Anti-Gravity Boots feature the patented JUMPING JAX T-Spring technology. This feature utilizes heavy-duty rubber T-Springs to harness and then transform the downward energy, from running or walking, into low-impact strides that are easy on the ankles and knees.Check out the video below.

You can use AIR KICKS indoors or out and on pretty much any surface. These boots employ high-traction, non-marking treads that won't mar floors. They are also ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your feet, and you can get boots that will fit just about any foot, from 8 years-old to 60, male or female. 

Speaking of fitting any foot, AIR KICKS are meant to be enjoyed by anyone from age 8 to 60 or older (if you're 75, and want a pair of AIR KICKS, go for it). Not only is it fun to hop around with an anti-gravity sort of feel, these boots will give your legs a good workout.

Air KicksAir Kicks

Because of the JUMPING JAX T-Spring technology, AIR KICKS give way when you exert downward pressure. This means that the springs absorb that pressure, and so not much energy gets transfered to the solid surface on which you're walking or running, which means that you don't get the rebounded energy from the ground to help you propel upward and forward. Wearing AIR KICKS may make you feel like you're walking on air, but you'll be exerting a good deal of energy to get around.

Not only will you have some anti-gravity fun with AIR KICKS, you'll be burning calories and strengthening your legs when you wear them. If that sounds like it's up your alley, or if you think these boots would be great for your family, check out the AIR KICKS site for more information. Or you could order a pair on Amazon

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