Catch the Bieber Fever with These iPod Apps for Beliebers: Part One

Peer into the world of the down to earth seventeen-year-old international pop sensation this one time and you might come to the realization that maybe Justin Bieber really was born to be somebody. Young girls all over the globe are pining to be his baby, just waiting for him to find somebody to love and hoping that Justin would make one less lonely girl out of them.

And even though Justin can just go eenie meenie and pick any girl that he wants to, recent news indicate that he is currently attached to none other than Selena Gomez, another up-and-coming teen star.

Okay, enough with trying to fit song titles into sentences describing the Biebs. Now let's get on to the more serious stuff. I admit, when I first heard of him, I wrote him off as another one of those young stars whose fame and popularity will eventually die out. There have been so many "stars" nowadays being basically manufactured by huge entertainment conglomerates and I thought he was one of them. So what changed my mind? Never say never, that's what. And I'm talking about the movie, not the song. You could really see how determined he was and I'm not saying that I'm a fine judge for talent, but you have to hand it to him: he knows his instruments and actually taught himself to play the guitar, drums, trumpet, and piano by age 12 (or was that 13?) Anyway, I found myself having newfound respect for him and his determination; hence, this two-part post on the many apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch that feature the one and only Justin.

1. Justin Bieber Channel

This app stays true to the roots of Justin Bieber, who was first discovered on Youtube and continues to rack in millions of views for his music videos, concert shows, and television show appearances, by providing a listing of all of the videos on Justin's official Youtube channel. It also keeps a regularly updated library of photos and allows you to access and read his tweets as soon as he sends them off.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Channel from its developers:

"This is an app to watch all the videos from Justin Bieber YouTube Channel, follow the latest news on Twitter and more! You will get Push Notifications when new official videos are available! If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, this is a great App that you would not want to miss!

- Watch all the videos from Justin Bieber Official YouTube Channel.
- Watch other Justin Bieber videos from other YouTube users.
- Add videos to your Favorites list.
- Receive Push Notifications on your iPhone/iPod when a new official video is available.
- Share videos on your Facebook, Twitter.
- Email links of videos to your friends.
- Read the latest tweets in an iPhone/iPod user friendly interface.
- Retweet or Post new messages.
- Network with other fans of Justin Bieber on Twitter."

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Channel for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio

Even I have to admit that Justin has belted out some seriously catchy songs. Now here's an app that has the lyrics to all of his songs so you can do a quick search when you find yourself wondering what the words to one of his songs were.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio from its developers:

"Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio features lyrics and videos of Justin Bieber's coolest tracks. Learn every word of Justin Bieber 's best songs, and sing along with his videos. Don't waste time searching countless websites for Justin Bieber 's lyrics. Instead use Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio to find Justin Bieber's official authorized and licensed lyrics, powered by LyricFind, for all his hottest songs.


  • Official authorized song lyrics
  • Corresponding videos as they become available on YouTube.


  • Viewing: watch YouTube videos with the Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio
  • Favorites: add songs to a list of favorites.
  • Searching: search the Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio by song names or lyrics
  • Sharing: share with friends via Facebook, e-mail and SMS
  • Status Updates: publish up to 150 characters of a lyric as your status on Facebook or Twitter
  • Application updates: ongoing updates of the artist's catalog"

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Lyrics Studio for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

3. BieberHair

Remember Enrique Iglesias's signature mole? Well, now we have Justin Bieber's signature hair. The singer has already had a change in hairstyle but his signature 'do was one that covered and talked about by the media a lot. And now here's your chance to sport Justin's crowning glory and see what anyone else would look like with the same hair.

Here's more about BieberHair from its developers:

"It's here, it's there, it's's BieberHair! Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to know what your friends look like with BeiberHair!
• Put BieberHair on your pets!
• Put BieberHair on your parents!
• Put BieberHair on your bald Uncle Fred!
• Amuse your co-workers with BieberHair!
• Point, click, resize (iPhone 4) and Facebook it! Save it and e-mail it to friends!"

Click here to download Bieberhair for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Do you see any Bieberlicious apps to your liking?

If you haven't, then don't fret. We have a second batch of apps for you to peruse to your heart's content right here: Catch the Bieber Fever with These iPod Apps for Beliebers: Part Two.