Catch the Bieber Fever with These iPod Apps for Beliebers: Part Two

Justin Bieber's quick surge to fame can be partially credited to two huge social media networks that helped spread the word about his musical prowess and his talent: Youtube and Twitter. It makes sense then that his presence is strongly felt in these two sites. A lot of his videos are in Youtube's all-time Most Viewed list while he currently has a following of over 8 million strong on Twitter.

We've covered most of the basic background stuff on Justin Bieber in Catch the Bieber Fever with These iPod Apps for Beliebers: Part One so why don't we cut the chitchat and go straight to the apps in this post?

1. Justin Bieber Revenge

Joining the Revenge family that includes Katy Perry Revenge and Lady Gaga revenge is Justin Bieber. Here's the ultimate Justin Bieber music game loaded with some of his most well-known tracks that you can tap to while staring at close-up images of his face in the background. Oh, sweet revenge!

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Revenge from its developers:

"The breakout star of the YouTube generation gets his own music game in Justin Bieber Revenge. Featuring 11 tracks, awesome new themes and graphics and so much more, Justin Bieber Revenge will have you singing “Baby! Baby! Baby!” to the latest installment in the hit Tap Tap Revenge series.


- 11 tracks by Justin Bieber, including the smash hit “Baby” (Featuring Ludacris)
- New themes, graphics and effects, inspired by Justin Bieber videos and discography;
- Superior stability, battle wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection, a Justin Bieber news feed, and
- Facebook Connect to flaunt your scores to the World.
- Justin Bieber photo gallery
- Exclusive Justin Bieber chat rooms so you can connect with other JB fans who love the music"

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Revenge for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Justin Bieber Bieberpedia

First to arrive on the scene was the encyclopedia. Then Wikipedia slowly made its mark in the internet world. And now the Bieberpedia is here. I think the name speaks for itself so there's not much I can say about this app except that it's filled to the brim with all of the Biebermation that you would probably want to know.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Bieberpedia from its developers:

"You’ve listened to all the songs and seen all the videos…let’s face it you are a HUGE Justin Fan! But do you know the facts behind the stories? Do you know who helped make Justin the amazing star he is today?

Justin Bieber Bieberpedia gives you tons of new and different facts and stories about the albums, songs, videos, producers, musicians, awards, family and life of Justin Bieber. There is even a way to email your friends from inside the app."

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Bieberpedia for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

3. Justin Bieber Fan Connection

Calling all fans who consider themselves to be true Beliebers! The Justin Bieber Fan Connection is an app that you must have if you want to keep track of the latest news, tweets, videos, tour dates, performances, and projects that the young superstar is working on.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Fan Connection from its developers:

"Are you a Belieber? Real fans cannot live without this app!
This is the ULTIMATE app for tracking Justin Bieber tweets, news, videos, podcasts, photos, and more!

Features include:
- Fast access to Justin Bieber's tweets
- Real-time news for all the Justin Bieber gossip
- Post comments to Justin Bieber's facebook profile
- Save wallpapers of Justin Bieber for your iPhone or iPod
- Watch the latest videos, vlogs from Justin Bieber
- Get EXCLUSIVE merchandise from Justin Bieber's store"

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Fan Connection for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

4. Justin Bieber Walmart Soundcheck Concert

If you agree that the best things in life are free then you might consider this next app to be a true gem. The Justin Bieber Walmart Soundcheck Concert app gives you exclusive access to high-quality video footage from one of his live performances. I downloaded this myself and watched several videos and believe me, the quality is fantastic.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Walmart Soundcheck Concert from its developers:

"Justin Bieber shows Soundcheck 'My World 2.0.' The Canadian superstar rocks out a live performance from New York City's Highline Ballroom, and we've got your exclusive front row pass! Check out six live songs from Justin, including 'Never Let You Go,' and the smash hit single, 'Baby.'

You can watch the entire performance, just your favorite songs, read all about the show and even flip through backstage photos right in the palm of your hand. You can now take the entire Soundcheck performance on the go, and best of all it's FREE!"

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Walmart Soundcheck Concert for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

5. Justin Bieber Concentration

Now here's a game for the ages. If you're the type who doesn't really get tired from staring at Justin Bieber's face for hours on end while playing a simple memory game then this version of Concentration is just right for you.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Concentration from its developers:

"Concentration, the famous tile-matching game is a fun way to while away time while you're waiting for the bus, stuck in an airport or avoiding the boss at the office. We've taken this idea and made it better ... much better!

BANG! Studios proudly presents the iPhone Concentration Series for the iPhone and iPod Touch, where the more tiles you remove, the more of a terrific picture you see!

Justin Bieber Concentration celebrates the pop music phenomenon that is Justin Bieber. The app includes tons of fantastic photos of the entertainer with more to be added with every update!"

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Concentration for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

6. Justin Bieber Trivia

Do you claim to be Justin Bieber's number one fan? Are you the president of the local chapter of the Justin Bieber fan club and boast that you know every little thing about the Biebs to your members? Then prove it by answering all of the questions in Justin Bieber Trivia right. We dare you.

Here's more about the Justin Bieber Trivia from its developers:

"The ultimate Trivia App for the ultimate Justin Bieber fans for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad! With 70 questions we nearly double the questions that other trivia apps offer! Not to mention our numerous features that most don't consider (like our live world wide leaderboard)! Test your skills against the world in Justin Bieber Trivia!

Our Trivia includes the following features:
- 50 Questions all about Justin Bieber!
- Resume Game for those interrupted by a phone call or would simply like to finish later.
- Countdown meter starts at 100 points and falls with each passing second. Hurry to make your correct answer to maximize your points. Not sure of the answer? Just wait and potential answers that are incorrect will be removed to help narrow down your selections (all while your potential points are diminishing).
- Leaderboard setting so you can post your score to our Global Leaderboard and compare how you rank."

Click here to download the Justin Bieber Trivia for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

That's all the Bieber for today, folks!

Take your pick on the Bieber apps made for true Beliebers that we covered in our two-part post. If you've got your own apps that you are more partial to then feel free to share it to the community by dropping a line below. You can check out the more apps right here: Catch the Bieber Fever with These iPod Apps for Beliebers: Part One.