Catch People Spying on You with Camera Catchers!!

Have you ever felt as if you are being watched? As if your every move is being recorded? Now you can finally know if your home or office is rigged with secret cameras designed to observe your daily life. It's time to take back your privacy with this counter surveillance measure.

Hopefully, this article with help you determine which of the following camera catchers will benefit you in your quest to reclaim your privacy.

Spy Source, also known as Total Security, is a well trusted place to buy any spy gadgets that you might be looking into. With over 20 years experience and the fact that the owners and operators are former law enforcement professionals, they are highly reputable. With that being said, I will now inform you of a few camera catchers that this respected company deems worthy of your money.

Camera Catchers: Military Technology

The Spy Finder Personal is a small camera catcher with a phenomenal feature. It has the ability to find cameras regardless if they are plugged in and working or not. This device is very simple to use and makes it easy to spot hidden cameras no matter where they are located. This is currently the world's smallest and most sophisticated camera catcher. It is the cheapest item at around $80.


Camera Catchers: Wireless Technology

The Pro HunterThe Pro Hunter

The Pro Hunter is a color LCD model that costs under $600. Even up to 500 feet away this little camera catcher can zero in and lock on to video transmitting frequencies and then it alerts you. As it locks on, it then generates an image which the hidden camera is actually seeing. This allows you to pin point the location of the hidden camera.


Camera Catchers: Newest Technology

The Cam Buster ProThe Cam Buster Pro

The Cam Buster Pro is a laser guided camera catcher. A reflection type of light, which is highly noticeable, will show you any camera, wireless or not, functioning or not. The cost is under $350. This laser equipment is a revolutionary invention that will, no doubt, change the way detectors are built in the future.


Why Would You Need or Want a Camera Catcher?

We have all stayed in hotels but wouldn't you like to know if there is someone watching you? Have you ever wondered when you were in a public dressing room at your favorite retail store whether or not a camera was present? And what about public restrooms? If you have ever felt as though you are being watched, camera catchers can help you to discover the truth.

Life today is so precarious, with potential predators at every turn. I think people from all walks of life could use a product like this. Camera catchers are not merely counter surveillance tools but also self defense tools to protect you and your loved ones against stalkers, predators and potential attackers (not to mention perverts). With a camera catcher, you can easily see if someone is videotaping you and thus, minimize the risks that you and your loved ones are being secretly filmed. Don't let yourself turn into a video victim, fight back with camera catchers.

Editor's Note: There have been tremendous advances is technology to find spy cameras and many are not inexpensive. A wide variety of camera catchers can be seen here. 

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Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous


good to have sometimes if they work.

Jul 23, 2008
by Manda Spring

Camera Catchers are an Investment

I agree! Always try and buy from a place that offers a guarantee or warrantee :)