Catch Some ZZZs With the Convertible Computer Bed

Yet another great space-saving idea: "The Tale" Computer Bed, for those days when you just can't bear to be upright any longer. This probably won't be high on your boss' list of priority purchases, but for a dorm room or someplace tight on space, this sure could come in handy. Gas-assisted pistons make the transfer of weight from desk to bed nice and seamless, allowing rest to take precedence as deadlines and work sink lower on the "to do" list. I mean, I think we could all benefit from a little daily siesta time, don't you agree? Surely, I read somewhere of a study proving that higher productivity results from catnaps (or was that just my own sleep-deprived delusion?).

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Brought to you by European designer Lino's son Francesco, this twin model comes with a reinforced metal frame in your choice of several different kinds of wood. Prices start at $3650.




Found via productdose