Catching A Thief Takes A Penny ...and Ingenious Cameras

Courtesy of StealthVueCourtesy of StealthVueIf you own or operate a store then you understand how real the threat of a robbery actually is. Some reports suggest that robberies aren't necessarily growing in number but are becoming more violent. However, according to the Disaster Center on United States crime rates, another picture is painted. Regardless of the exact numbers involved, the FBI believes (via their own statistics) that thieves are becoming increasingly more dangerous and down right brutal.

The items I have chosen to share with you are some of the newest and most ingenious cameras available, in my humble opinion.

We have all seen the little dish on the counter by the cash register where a customer can either leave a few pennies or take some if they are short. And, how about that "We Card" sign for tobacco products? Yep, it seems as though they are everywhere. But the great thing is... both of these common items are now high tech cameras. Store owners and operators should extend a big "Thank You!" to the folks at StealthVue.

Courtesy of StealthVueCourtesy of StealthVueIt's no surprise that thieves are ignorant creatures. Their way of thinking is merely buying a ball cap and suddenly their identity is hidden. I guess they must've read too many Superman comics as children or something. Nevertheless, it absolutely stinks when a camera can't help reveal who those thieves really are in their ‘oh so complex attire'. Have you ever seen thieves walk into a convenience store on the news? They behave as though that hat makes them incognito, a virtual Clark Kent of ‘common thug' world. Well, I say it's high time to wipe that smug look off their faces and catapult them back into the realm of reality.

With typical overhead cameras that are usually installed in every store, the picture rarely shows the lowlife thieves in action. The only thing it is good for is getting an approximate weight and height as well as vague features that won't really help in identifying them. For instance, what they are wearing... etc.

But with a "Penny" or a "We Card" cam you get to see the face of person responsible. No questions, no doubt, and no worries that they might get away with it. This is what buying peace of mind is all about. A covert device such as these types of cameras is a real security.

Typical Camera Overhead ViewTypical Camera Overhead View Wouldn't you rather be able to see the criminal's face?Wouldn't you rather be able to see the criminal's face?








Installation is very easy. The adhesive strip makes sure that it can't move to show off the fact that it is indeed a security measure. The cables run from the unit to a closed circuit system. A small hole can be easily drilled under the product, but if that is not something you want to do then you can always just hide the thin cable by placing the device next the register or something else that is large to make it less noticeable.

Come on people! We live in the age of technology... use it!! Stop using equipment that won't do the job in the conviction process. The whole point of buying a camera in the first place is to make sure the thief (you know, the idiot that is too stupid to go out and get a JOB) is caught when they're dumb enough to steal your merchandise, money or more importantly your life.

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Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous

Thanks for the write up!

Thank you for doing the write up on my product.

Matt Fleming

Stealthvue Covert Surveillance

Jul 9, 2008
by Manda Spring

Hi Matt!

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