CatchUp Game Gets Personal - And Weird

An interesting game concept from the brain of McLean Enterprises, CatchUp is a little bit off of the beaten path when it comes to fun.

Frankly, what drew us to the CatchUp game in the first place was the bottle. As you might have guessed from the name, the inventors are going for a "ketchup" pun, something that they have used to full effect in the packaging for their product. The "label" they use is amusing, as is the way the entire package follows the basic look of America's most well-known ketchup brand.

As we said, they had us at the packaging, so the next step was to find out just what the game was about. Frankly, though, we're still not sure. According to the game's Website, its intent lies in "helping us to have a deeper awareness of other people’s lives". It ostensibly does this by having no winners and no losers, but instead by simply rolling dice and asking other players questions. The dice can decide if the rolling player has to answer a question themselves, gets to ask everyone else a question or gets to ask one specific person.

In addition to a number of pre-written questions on cards the game also comes with "ask your own" cards and "one or the other" cards. The "ask your own" cards are just that - a player gets to make up a question they wish to ask. "One or the other" means that a player gets to pose an either/or question - "would you rather ____ or ____?"

From reading the maker's Website, it appears that this game came out of a desire for closer connection with family and friends after a child was diagnosed with Autism and no one seemed to notice. In an effort to bring people out of their shells and get them talking, CatchUp was created. According to the tagline of the game, "it's nothing personal, its just personal". Huh. 

Is the packaging neat? You bet. Is the concept interesting? Meh.

We can see where this might be an interesting time if it were played properly, be we're not sure a game is really needed to get a group of friends talking. Family, sure, but even then we're not convinced that this game would necessarily spark the desired reaction.

For $15, the game might be worth a try, especially given the clever packaging, but we have to admit this is one of the stranger ones we've seen out there in a while.

Source: Catch Up Game 

Feb 16, 2011
by Anonymous


How do people come up with this ingenious play on words?!?!? This is fabulous and I will give all my sibling one for Christmas! At that price--maybe even 2.