Catlike Cloud Stockings Put Some Calico In Your Stride

You'll find the world's weirdest and wildest stockings in Japan but Nekomasa Soushi-kun tights are weirder and wilder than most. Inspired by the changing patterns of passing clouds and friendly felines, these stockings might not be safe for work but they're sure to attract curious glances just about anywhere else – the catwalk included.      

“I designed these tights like unsettled clouds inspired by the unwavering charm of cats that grab onto your heart and won't let go,” explains designer YuraVideo. In the same way, these tights have the power to unsettle those who aren't expecting them (like your boss) and as is the case with most stockings, they'll cling to your legs and won't let go... a good thing, amiright? 

“A cat's plentiful, constantly changing expressions, humorous movements and cute appearance instinctively make you smile but you don't really know what they're thinking.” We're not really sure what YuraVideo's thinking either, but these tights are the result. 

So then, if you're looking to be “free like a cat” in your expression of fashion, Nekomasa Soushi-kun tights are the tights for you. Just be prepared for the befuddled expressions of onlookers who can't figure out if the tights' antiqued hue is just a pattern or an effusive growth of leg hair. One size fits all - order yours at Tokyo Otaku Mode.