Dog & Cat Martinis To Celebrate The New Year

I just can't close the year without sharing these beautiful hand blown and crafted martini glasses with you. The dog and cat martini glasses are made by Yurana Glass Designs and each one is crafted individually so no two are alike. They cost a little more than the average cat or dog bowl, but after all, they're for a celebration... like New Year's Eve.

Cat & Butterfly Martini Glass

The martini glass above, cat reaching for a butterfly, comes with a similarly crafted wine bottle stopper. It's filled with luscious kitty salmon treats, a special treat for a special cat. The cost for the Kitty Salmon Martini is $43 at Dog Lover Gift Baskets.

A Feline's Dream Come True

A more elaborate gift basket for your cat's meow is the Feline's Dream Come True ($93). Wrapped in a wicker basket, the Kitty Salmon Martini Glass ships with a bottle of Meowlot and another bottle filled with Chat Noir cat treats, a 7-inch catnip cigar and a catnip banana the same size. (Whoa, will she get smashed!) The wine stopper is an additional $18 and you may order additional martini glasses for $36 each.

Lobster, Lobster for People and Dogs

Not to let pooch go dry on an eve like New Years, there's Lobster, Lobster for People and Dogs that, at $99.95, wraps up a Yurana custom-made dog martini glass with a bottle of Bark Vineyards Canine Wine, a box of Bella Lucy's Gourmet Lobster Treats, a three-pack of peanut butter cup treats, and a cannoli dog treat... and that's just for the dog! Human goodies include an Alaska lobster spread, wine and cheese biscuits, and two packs of cocoa.

You can find several doggy drinks to serve in the Yumana wine glasses in a prior column, Ten Perfect Drinks To Serve Your Dog In A Dog Bar. Or, you may want to save these delicate beauties for your own martini, and find something else for pooch to drink from. Here's just the thing....

The Mutt-ini Glass


The Mutt-ini Glass holds 16 ounces, enough for a double Mutt-arita too. Actually a hand painted ceramic dog bowl, it stands 7.5 inches high, a great height for your dog to feed ergonomically. The base reads "It's Been a Ruff Day! It's Mutt-ini Time!" The cocktail napkin, aka placemat, is 9.25" square and comes all wrapped up in a gift box with the Mutt-ini and a plush olive squeaker toy. $29.99 at After 5.

If you stay home this New Year's Eve, try to include your pets in your celebration. They love positive attention and happy times.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

That's the buzz for 2007!

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger