Celebrate Or Drown Your Sorrows With The Hellooo Happy Hour Watch!

Last night at the Oscars, you know that all of those celebs were just dying to escape for a little late night happy hour at the after parties (as if they hadn't already hit the bottle before the awards show). But I'd bet they didn't have a watch to count them down to the moment of victory!

Crack One at Happy Hour!Crack One at Happy Hour!

The Hellooo Happy Hour Watch has a simple, almost retro-inspired black leather design but its real purpose is really what makes it special. Well, it's always happy hour somewhere and with this watch, anyone can count down just like the winners and losers of last night's Academy Awards looking to celebrate or drown their sorrows. Best of all, with this unique watch design, once happy hour strikes, you don't have to wait long to crack a bottle; at least not due to the inconvenience of hunting down a bottle opener. Of course, this watch has one built right in!

Crack One at Happy Hour!Crack One at Happy Hour!

Yup, it's true, with this watch you never have to worry about a lost bottle opener putting a hold on your boozing!

Via: Uncrate