Celebrity Easter Eggs for Easter 2008

Thornton's, a British chocolate company, has done it again! They are celebrating Easter in celebrity style.

The company has created five Easter eggs displaying the faces of Gordon Brown, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Lily Allen and Prince Harry. These people were chosen as they “represent a spectrum of British culture.”

Thornton's worked with a design team, Id-Iom, known for their graffiti-style art, to create the eggs and dark chocolate has been used to stencil the portraits onto white Easter Eggs which will go on sale on eBay. The profits from the eggs will be donated to a children's charity, Barnardo's.

Other eggs have been designed for the auction including one from fashion designer Henry Holland, who used purple, pink, yellow, green and turquoise icing to decorate a 1kg chocolate egg.

The egg by Henry Holland:

One from celebrity tattooist Louis Molloy,who recreated two of the most popular designs available at his tattoo parlour - swallows and bluebirds.

The egg by Louis Molloy:

And patissier Eric Lanlard, cake-maker to the stars, created an egg lavishly decorated with gold leaf and sugar crystal pieces.

The egg by Eric Lanlard:

Source: Trendhunter and Sky News

What do you think of these Easter eggs from Thornton's? Do you like it better than last years Huge Billboard Made of Chocolate ? Know of any other creative Easter egg advertising being done this year?