Cell Phone Data Extractor: A Spy Tool For the Masses?

I'm quite disturbed that there are so many products that one can use to spy on a spouse.  And though there are other applications these things can be used for (such as national security-you know... little things like that), these items are marketed toward finding out what your wife or husband does when you're not around.

I first covered a device of this nature in Q-Phone: A Cool Spy Gadget - And a Sure Path to Divorce.  And now we have another cell phone gadget that, while having numerous applications, seems to be geared toward gathering information for your upcoming divorce: The Cell Phone Data Extractor.

This is SIM Card spy hardware and software.  What it does is tap into a cell phone's removable SIM card and allows the user to view, save, and edit the card's data when uploaded into a PC.  Pretty cool, but kind'a scary if you want to keep aspects of your life private.

I'm not talking about cheating.  My mind heads more towards the "I want to surprise my girlfriend with flowers" mode of thought.

In other words, there would be no surprises left in the relationship (good or bad).

To be fair, this nifty gadget has truly practical applications, such as recovering deleted texts, managing your address book or just as a plain old data back-up device.

But when the marketing campaign starts off with "Catch a Cheating Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse," it really scares me about how untrustworthy society has become.  As I've said before-why bother?  If you don't trust the person, you shouldn't be with them in the first place.

But-if you don't follow this credo, you can find this nifty (somewhat scary) gadget at Amazon.

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