Cell Phone Shaver Trims Your Beard, Cuts Off Your Calls

It's a cell phone! It's a shaver! It's... a cell phone shaver? Indeed it is, and it's great news for busy guys who wished their old RAZR phone was exactly that.

CNET Japan has spilled the beans on a definitely unusual, probably unique style of cellphone that doubles as a shaver. Or maybe it's a shaver that you can make phone calls on. I dunno... but I kinda want one.

Tondemoketai China manufactures the phone and it comes in 3 colors: black, gold and silver with black trim.

As far as looks go, the so-called "Razor Phone" - the name is boldly emblazoned on the back - doesn't stand out in a crowd. That is, until one slips off the plastic cover at the phone's base to reveal a curved foil electric shaver head!

The Razor Phone comes packaged in a surprisingly large cardboard presentation box along with a cord, an AC adapter/charger and... a cleaning brush for the foil shaving head.

The box displays what appears to be Brit footballer and heart-throb David Beckham. Or maybe just a lookalike - Becks can't be that hard up for endorsement deals, can he? Posh must've maxed out the credit cards again.



In any case, the Razor Phone may appeal to gadget lovers and busy type-A personalities who don't mind a, ahem, cutting-edge device that performs two widely divergent functions - though in all likelihood, neither one very well. (via TokyoMango and CNET Japan)

Apr 5, 2012
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